Sunday, 31 January 2016

This weeks makes 31.01.16

Hello to you all and hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday :)

Well this week I have been busy mainly colouring .. along with attending my Occupational craft Class and Pottery Class so I thought I would share my makes with you.

2 years ago when my ADEM ( Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis) started .... unfortunately it effected my hands and I lost the ability to write ..I have come a long way and give thanks to my Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists for their encouragement and understanding.

My colouring and card making is not only a hobby but is great therapy too.

This is a water colour painting I am currently working on in my art and craft Occupational Therapy class at my local hospital .... I was over the moon that I had managed to draw the scene.
We have a new OT and she is inspiring me with her fabulous art knowledge and creativity too. 

I have been attending Occupational classes for a year now and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of them. I have been blessed to have made some wonderful friends and share our experiences and help each other along the way too.  

This is a cake stand I am currently making for my lovely Mom for Mothers Day - 6th March here in the UK .. so I hope I get it done in time HA!

I adore my pottery classes but this is my last project as I have improved and its time to let someone else have their time with this amazing class and helpers.

I will do a Blog post at some point of my pottery makes.

So the cards I have made and my colourings this week - all coloured with my Polychromos Pencils by Faber Castell

My Besties IMG095

All Dressed Up - Summer Fayre

All Dressed Up - Fairy Magic 

Thanks again for visiting my blog I really appreciate it until next time
Big Hugs
X X X 


  1. Beautiful paining and wow the cake stand is looking brilliant!! How great you get to do all these lovely crafts! I used to love doing all different things like that in art class at school!
    Beautiful colouring too as always! Lovely to see all your gorgeous creativity! :-)
    Lucy x

    1. Aww thank you Lucy :0) xxx it's been such a great help and I love it too xx sending you big hugs my lovely X X X

  2. You're an inspiration and not just for your lovely work xxx

    1. You are such the dearest kindest friend :0) xxx big hugs Ness xxxx

  3. Ness
    Firstly, you have insane coloring skills. Wow! your coloring and choices of combo's is amazing. And that you suffer and are struggling with this very rare disorder. I have never heard of it and had to go investigate all I could find. You are an amazing person and an inspiration to anyone lucky enough to find your blog. I had to read every post and am in awe at your creations. From what I have read you've come a long way with hard work and the skills of incredible therapist. I also have two rare disorders and 6 years ago was paralyzed from the neck down and was given a very bad prognosis. I wasn't lucky enough to have a team of amazing doctors or therapist so it's been a long road to get where I am today. So I understand where you are coming from health wise and spending days in bed. Hugs to you and I can't wait to see what new things you will create.